Thursday, March 31, 2011

One more Mickey silhouette project

My kids loved the last project I did for their bathroom it made me extra excited to get the next one done. I originally wanted my sister's help. You see she can draw Mickey and all his friends really well. The only draw back is she's 7+ hours away. Darn it. Luckily my husband came to the rescue. He ended up doing the whole project for me.

The supplies we used:
-one white poster board
-one black poster board
-poster frame we were currently not using
-exacto knife
-scotch tape
-box tape

I found an image I liked doing a Google image search. We were looking for one that would fit our frame well and one that wasn't going to be too difficult. Then my husband enlarged the image to the size we wanted and printed it out.
Next the pages were taped together and then cut out with an exacto knife.

Then Mickey was taped to the black poster board so it would not move. Keep in mind which direction you want Mickey to be facing. Because we were putting ours over the toilet we wanted it to face the vanity and not the shower so we flipped the silhouette.

The white poster board was used only as a backdrop. This frame is very close to the size of poster board, if the frames were a little bit bigger that would not have worked.

We have made our three kids very happy.

My son loved the outside scrap we decided to frame that as well. Actually the two Mickey's side by side looked really cool. It made me think of doing some smaller ones, maybe in 8x10 frames and grouping 4 together using different colors. But I can't, we have enough Mickey's in our house now.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Entry Way

Shortly after we moved into the house we knew we needed a bench of some kind near the front door. In our house we have a no shoe policy. Then when the colder months approached us the short two foot long coat rack wasn't big enough. The hooks needed to be farther apart.

This is what our entry way looked like the day we moved in.

We removed the coat rack from the wall and reused the hooks.

This is how it turned out. We purchased some base board trim that was mainly flat with just a small detail at the top and installed it upside down. I really like the way it turned out.

Now for the bench. Back in October my husband designed a bench with the measurements perfectly fitting that space. He built it and sat there unfinished from November until now.

We added some 1/2" trim to cover the imperfections in the joints and used wood filler to smooth out some imperfections in the wood. We also finally added the backing.

It looks so much better in there now that's its finished.

I love the way it turned out and how it meets our needs now.
After looking at this picture I think the pictures frames on the other side of the wall might need to be painted white.  

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Outdoor Furniture Refinish

I have been wanting a new chaise lounge for my backyard for awhile now, but I did not want to spend a lot of money on one. Then I came across this little beauty...

It had obviously been sitting in the Arizona sun baking for a few years. But since it was free, I decided to spruce it up. I used Olympia Outdoor Latex Paint.
The dry wood soaked up the paint, so it took 3 coats. I couldn't figure out a good sealant to use to protect the paint. A man at Lowes suggested an outdoor urethane. They had an aerosol version and he said it would work perfect. I guess we'll wait and see how well it works in the AZ sun!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple artwork for our kids bathroom

This afternoon I decided to tackle one of the small projects that I have put off. Why is it the small projects that take the longest to do? Please tell me I'm not the only one with that problem.

The beginning of January we decided it was time to update the kids bathroom. The miscellaneous towels were driving me crazy and the monkey shower curtain had to go. I did not want to potty train another child and have another conversation about the stupid monkeys.

We decided to go with a Mickey theme for their bathroom. After all they are still really young and I want them to enjoy it. I'm not talking about a cheesy over the top Mickey bathroom. I'm talking simple black, white and red bathroom with subtle Mickey throughout.

I started with these two frames. Size 11"x11"
I bought these at Kirkland's probably 5 years ago.

I raided my scrapbook supplies that I haven't used in years and came up with this.
 They definitely aren't perfect but its the look I was going for.
I used an applesauce jar and small can to get the shape. I unfortunately had to free hand Minnie's bow.
I was thrilled I had red with white polka dot paper.

The shower curtain and towels are from Target.

List of to-do's to get this room finished.
-frame out the mirror and paint black
-paint the vanity black
-install hardware on the vanity
-make another artwork over the toilet
(I need my sisters help on the last one.)
-maybe get one more rug