Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kids bathroom complete

We finally finished landscaping our backyard at the beginning of this month.  That seemed so foreign to me, decorating inside is much much easier.

 About two weeks ago Shannon came to visit me. We wanted to do some sort of craft but didn't come up with anything so I suggested we paint the kid's bathroom vanity.  She's been wanting to paint hers so I thought we could give it a try together on mine.

This is the kids bathroom before.
Very builder basic. There was nothing special about this bathroom.

First we lightly sanded the entire vanity. Making a huge mess in the process.

Second we cleaned up and taped off the vanity prepping for paint.

Third we primed then painted

Then I forgot to take more pictures. We ended up doing 3 coats of black paint. We used a small paintbrush to get in the grooves and a foam roller on the rest of the piece. It worked very well.

We are very pleased with the way this turned out.  I love how just framing out the mirror and painting the vanity has made a huge difference.