Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How we are painting our vaulted ceiling

For months I've been concerned on how we were going to paint the family room area. Leaving it the boring builder beige was not an option. The ceilings are 10' that vault up to over 17'. I thought for sure we would have to rent scaffolding and also rent a truck or borrow someone's to get it here. My husband looked online and found someone that had built there own, that got him thinking. Saturday afternoon he decided that Monday we should paint. I couldn't believe it I was beyond excited and so happy that it was his idea not mine. So that night we gathered our supplies to build the scaffolding.

This is what we came up with. Who am I kidding, it was all my husband.

To build the scaffolding we used:
1- 4'x8' 19/32" plywood
8- 2x4's 8' long
2- 2x4's 10 feet long
4- 3"x3"x8' posts
lots of 3" wood screws

Here is the wall with primer. It took two coats of primer and 2 coats of paint.

Here's my husband cutting in. The scaffolding was very strudy, enough so that this didn't make me too nervous. If you look in the back you can see a ladder up against the wall. Now that made me nervous. I held the bucket of paint for him over the railing while he did that corner.

Now if this could just get done faster. The down side to this is the scaffolding is very heavy. Moving it around isn't much fun so the ceiling is painted 2 coats before moving on to the next section. It will become more tricky when we have to take it apart and put it back together in both the kitchen and entry way. Good thing we love the color and don't plan on repainting. We also have the motivation to get this done so this can be taken apart and the materials used in the garage to organize my husbands tools and stuff.

Pictures to come when its finished.


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  1. Thanks for the post. Just wanted to chime in on the materials list. You actually need 9 2x4's. Not sure which one you left out of the list, but I'm assuming it's the one in the middle to support the plywood. Building it now. Putting casters on it to hopefully help with moving it around.