Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tool Box 2 Bread Box

About 8 years ago my Great Grandma passed away. My Mom went and helped clean out her home and brought a truck load of stuff home with her. Everything has pretty much sat in her garage ever since. A few days ago I was going through stuff and found this old wooden box that my Great Grandpa used as his tool box...

I thought of turning this old smelly box into a bread box for my kitchen. It smelled like my Great Grandmas basement, and I definitely did not want my bread to be smelly so it needed a fresh coat of paint :0)I first taped off the leather straps and hardware. Then I painted the inside of the box with Valspar latex cream paint.

Then I painted the exterior red with rutoleum satin finish spray...
Next I made a stencil template by printing lettering and cutting out the letters. I painted "Bread" with a black acrylic paint using a sponge brush.

After allowing the lettering to dry, I applied a dark stain and then promptly wiped off the excess. It created a darker distressed red color.

Here it is done! I love having it in my kithcen. It is an eye catcher and I love how the dark red color turned out.

I have a few more finds from my Great Grandmas stuff that I hope to refinish soon.


  1. This is so pretty! I love where you tucked it on your counter. Lucky you!

  2. This is gorgeous! I love that you kept an heirloom and made it functional. Good work!

  3. Oooo...what a great bread box. And even better that there is so much history behind it.

  4. What a great update. I think your Grandma would be proud!

  5. My gosh, I love y'alls site. I just stumbled upon it from someone's list. Um, let me ask b/c I'm getting ready to do some of this. HOW did you cut out the letters & what kind of paper (?) did you use? I'm getting ready to do some things like this & figured I could print out the words on cardstock & then cut out the inside of the words w/ an X-acto knife? Or please, do tell if there is an easier way? I don't have any fancy Cricut or anything. Althought I might kill for one ;) Okay, well maybe not, but I'd eat some bugs or something ;) Anywho, love the site! Love yalls work =)

  6. Thanks for all your nice comments! Crystal, I just printed the lettering out on regular paper and used sissors to cut it out. I think an x-acto knife would be easier, but I couldnt find mine. Good luck with your project!