Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Simple artwork for our kids bathroom

This afternoon I decided to tackle one of the small projects that I have put off. Why is it the small projects that take the longest to do? Please tell me I'm not the only one with that problem.

The beginning of January we decided it was time to update the kids bathroom. The miscellaneous towels were driving me crazy and the monkey shower curtain had to go. I did not want to potty train another child and have another conversation about the stupid monkeys.

We decided to go with a Mickey theme for their bathroom. After all they are still really young and I want them to enjoy it. I'm not talking about a cheesy over the top Mickey bathroom. I'm talking simple black, white and red bathroom with subtle Mickey throughout.

I started with these two frames. Size 11"x11"
I bought these at Kirkland's probably 5 years ago.

I raided my scrapbook supplies that I haven't used in years and came up with this.
 They definitely aren't perfect but its the look I was going for.
I used an applesauce jar and small can to get the shape. I unfortunately had to free hand Minnie's bow.
I was thrilled I had red with white polka dot paper.

The shower curtain and towels are from Target.

List of to-do's to get this room finished.
-frame out the mirror and paint black
-paint the vanity black
-install hardware on the vanity
-make another artwork over the toilet
(I need my sisters help on the last one.)
-maybe get one more rug

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